Feeling disconnected before the next conference?

The Life Science Women's Conference team invites you to join our associated network, the Life Science Women's Network, as a Founding Member. Be the first in your area to join and stay connected until the next conference!


The Life Science Women’s Network is a global network of women working in life sciences. Driven by an eclectic range of backgrounds and experience levels, the LSWN is creating an environment in which life science women can interact and share common goals.

In addition to creating a life-changing, industry-changing experience, Founding Members will receive a pin and certificate, access to a member directory, free attendance to CONNECT CALLS and webinars, establish a global network, attend the annual Life Science Women’s Conference at a discounted rate, and more.

To explore the membership options available (Founding Member and Student Member), please visit the website at www.lifesciwomen.org.