Join Marissa for her presentation, "Global Women's Health Innovation"!

Women’s Health Innovation isn’t just for the US and Europe.. the rest of the world needs and deserves innovation that meets their needs.  In this discussion, we will review why women’s health innovation is a global problem, how to innovate, and what to focus on.

Marissa Fayer is a 22-year medtech executive, innovator, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. She is the CEO and founder of social enterprise / non-profit HERhealthEQ, CEO of DeepLook Medical, VP of Operations at Ultrasound AI, and US Partner at Goddess Gaia Ventures. Her mission is to move innovation and the health of women forward throughout the world. Marissa has previously served as an executive at Hologic, Olympus (formerly ACMI), Maquet-Getting (formerly Atrium Medical), Providien Medical, and Accumed Innovative Technologies. Her consulting clients include many of the Top 500 healthcare companies and innovative start-ups including Pfizer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Nuvasive, the National Institute of Health (NIH), Oerlikon Medical, Lonza Precision Medical, Emit Imaging, and others.

Marissa sits on the board of medtech companies Welwaze Medical and DeepLook both focused on improving the diagnosis of breast cancer; Ultrasound AI focused on predicting Preterm birth, and PMD Medical focused on urinary incontinence; Marissa graduated from Boston University with a BS in Manufacturing Engineering and from University of Connecticut with an MBA. Marissa is a TEDx Speaker (2019 at TEDxLugano), a UCSC Miller Center Social Entrepreneur Fellow, and has been listed as one of the Top 100 Women in Medtech in 2018, a Top Woman Activist to Watch, awarded the 2018/9 Africa Development Award, a Wonder Women in Medtech, and has delivered keynote discussions at the World Alliance Forum, MedExec Women, Lithuanian Biotechnology Association, Leading Entrepreneurs of the World, Women’s Health Innovation Summit, DeviceTalks, HER.Talks, and others.

Marissa has appeared in several online and print publications such as Medical Design & Outsourcing, BloombergLaw, FemTech Analytics, the Maven Collective, Med Device Online, and Marissa leads the #wealththroughhealth and #healthequityforwomen movements and is dedicated to innovative solutions for global operations and improving women’s health throughout the world. Marissa lives in New York City and can be found at