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Join Lori, Bhawanjit Brar, and Sheryl Flynn for...

Funding: Pitches with Feedback (2022 Pitch Session)
Day 1, Room #2708
3:30 - 5:00 PM

"Ask an NIH Awardee"
Day 2, Room #2708
12:00 - 12:45 PM


A 2022 Pitch Participant

At Opticyte, we are committed to transforming the standard of care for the leading causes of organ failure, including sepsis. The problem is massive, is expensive to treat, and leads to one death every 2.8 seconds globally.

Current technologies including pulse oximeters fail to provide clinicians with the definitive data they need to diagnose, monitor, and treat patients in real-time, when they have the best chance of preventing organ failure. Opticyte's Cell O2 Monitor is the first and only single solution to provide definitive, continuous, and actionable insights for this critical unmet need. Opticyte's executive and advisory team includes pioneers in new optical spectroscopy and multivariate analysis technology, leaders in medical device commercialization, and medical clinicians.

The company’s early funding successes, research validation, and product development milestones provide credibility and reinforce our position as a disruptive medical device innovator.