A headshot of Glenn Lumpkin, a suit and a bright smile complimenting his features.

Join Glenn at his presentation, "Business Planning for a Successful Path Forward"!

At this panel, you'll explore the emerging company (defined as a concept through market entry and slightly after), challenging questions founders must address, data supporting business plan and stratgy, regulatory and compliance, long-term value, and more.Ā 

Glenn is the Technical Services Director for CAI - Commissioning Agents Inc. He shares: "To everyone who aspires to better our quality of life, CAI is here to help you meet a higher standard. I welcome the opportunity to foster a truly, valued relationship and hear about your goals for promoting a better future.

I help start-ups from concept... during clinicals regarding upscaling, regulatory submission, quality management system developmentā€¦ up to, including, and beyond market readiness. Let us help you reach your market, sooner.

Already in the market? We steer our services based on your needs, such as operational excellence."

Glenn's presentation will focus on the emerging company (defined as concept through market entry and slightly after). A challenging question to pose a founder is "what is your 100 day plan?" Once full funding is in place, Glenn has often seen a steady but heightened tempo - from crawl to run. Explore his experience, supporting data regarding business plan strategy, regulatory and compliance, and more at his presentation.

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