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Dr. Zahraa Foraida is both a pharmacist and doctor of nanoscale engineering. She is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany (PhD in Nanoscale Engineering, 2017). She is also a graduate, with honors, of the American University in Cairo (MS in Chemistry, 2012), and Cairo University (BPharm, 2008).

Dr. Foraida believes that the biomedical research needs the engineering eye and knowledge to innovate new medications and treatments for the constantly evolving medical needs of the world’s population. Therefore, as a pharmacist, her passion about improving the efficacy, bioavailability and delivery of various medicinal drugs lead her to pursue a PhD in nanoscale engineering. Her research experience focused on engineering nanoparticles and nanofibers for drug delivery and regenerative medicine applications. Other scientific areas of experience include chemical synthesis, biosensors, drug bioequivalence clinical studies and university-level teaching.

More recently, Dr. Foraida joined Globiox, a life-science consultancy firm that provides consultancy services to improve the performance of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and drug device companies and therefore helps them meet the quality, compliance and regulatory requirements of regulatory agencies in the US and globally.