A headshot of presenter Tiffany Smith of Ceutical Labs, sponsor of the #LSWC2020.

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Today, with glimmers of tenure, Tiffany Smith is enjoying her latest and greatest role at Ceutical Laboratories, Inc. Having been with them for almost 20 years, for most of her Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Career, she enjoys being known as one of the team’s most reliable members; she is a go-to person. She put her imprint early-on as being a leader in Customer Care and services for the company and this industry.
Tiffany has worked her way up the ranks from Administrative Assistant to Company Bookkeeper, to head of Customer Service, acting HR, Document Control, and Office Manager. Susanne often calls her “my mini-me” and just last year, 2019, she achieved the most challenging of her titles, Operations Manager.

She has helped to shape the Culture and Leadership program of this Team from the moment she became a part of this company. She is a critical player in the sales and marketing venue; she is always eager to share her story and entrepreneurial experiences with everyone she comes in contact with.

Tiffany stands for high standards and hard work; she holds high aspirations for where she wants to be at the end of each year. She loves and supports Leadership Training and she works hard supporting these programs at Ceutical Labs.

She invites others, “Come train with us; working hard can get us all somewhere pretty amazing as a Team! People today all want to know how to Mentor others. First, you cannot be afraid of hard work. You have to learn what you are good at and then help others find out what they are good at. Come on by and meet me at our booth this year!”