A headshot of Susanne Armand, speaker at the LSWC2020 and President of Ceutical Laboratories.

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Susanne has served as co-owner and President, of Ceutical Laboratories, Inc., for over 20 years. Her experiences as Head of Laboratory, Manager of Quality Control, Manager of Quality Improvement Process and Head of Metrology for several industry companies and owner of several Small Businesses, qualifies Ms. Armand as an expert within her fields.

With more than 28 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Veterinary Medicine, Cosmetic, Personal Care and Dietary Supplement Industries, she has held key positions with Argus Pharmaceuticals, Aronex Pharmaceuticals, Mills Biopharmaceuticals, International Isotopes, Abbott Laboratories, Alcon, and CPM Laboratory prior to Ceutical Labs. From her studies at the University of St. Thomas and Texas A&M University, she holds a Degree in Biotechnology and a Certification in Small Business.

In her role as President of the #bestlabever, a 5-Star Company in the D-FW area, today she mentors, trains and leads many of the top SuperStars for the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Personal Care Industries! She loves to travel with her SuperStars; she calls it, “Roughing it!” She brings with her to our Conference this year, two of her top Women Stars, Laurel Arrigona and Valerie Johnson!

She writes a Facebook blog every week called, "Kids’ Day, Devoted to All of My Kids! and as Susanne believes “we should never lose sight of our Kid Spirit.”

“These days we must CONNECT with all ages! My mission in life is to influence the young people of our day; to be superheroes in their own circles. We, the seniors, must never give up teaching and passing our batons in this game of life so that we build Super Legacies! In an industry where life really counts!”