A headshot of presenter Laurel Arrigona of Ceutical Labs, sponsor of the #LSWC2020.

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Laurel Arrigona is a member of the Regulatory team at Ceutical Labs. She is responsible for guiding clients towards regulatory compliance through quality systems implementation, audits, training, drafting regulatory documents, and similar activities.

Ms. Arrigona is a former compliance officer in the areas of drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, tattoos, and body piercing with the Texas Department of State Health Services. Additionally, she has worked for the State of Texas as a microbiologist as well as a high school science teacher.

Ms. Arrigona was awarded for outstanding leadership by the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) Board in 2019. She is the current co-chair for the AFDO Body Art Committee and the Body Art Education Alliance.